Be Normal!
Nosy Crow  August 2024
Two Lions 2024
This Is Not A Polar Bear! by Barry Timms (As Illustrator)
Nosy Crow 2023
The Bear The Book And The Blanket by Lou Peacock (As Illustrator)
Nosy Crow 2023
Kindness For Koalas by Zanna Davidson (As Illustrator)
Usborne 2023
The Elephant Detectives
Nosy Crow 2022
This Is Not A Dinosaur! by Barry Timms (As illustrator)
Nosy Crow 2022
This Is Not A Unicorn! by Barry Timms (As illustrator)
Nosy Crow 2021
Harper Collins 2021
I Have To Start At School Today             by Simon Philip             (As illustrator) 
Simon & Schuster 2020
Bird Hugs
Two Lions 2020
A Fox Found A Box
Schwartz & Wade 2019
Douglas You're A Genius!
Schwartz & Wade 2018

Ava And The Rainbow (Who Stayed)
Ava And The Rainbow (Who Stayed) 
Harper Collins 2018

Mommy, Baby And Me
by Linda E Marshall
Peter Pauper Press 2017
(As illustrator)

Shark Dog!
Harper Collins 2017

Douglas, You Need Glasses!
Schwartz & Wade 2016

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